Over 20 years of Experience.

20 years operations allowed us to position ourselves as a leading service COMPANY in the efficient and safe administration of information through the Document Management Process Consulting in Venezuela.

A Great Professionals Team.

We have a high-performance multidisciplinary professionals team, making our service proposals become rigorous technical documents and a systemic vision, in order to ensure the quality of the offered services. Our proposals become "Service Promises".

Solid Infrastructure.

We have a technological and service infrastructure with national coverage, for which we have over 13,000 m² of spaces for attention, processing and information storage in the different regions of the country. (Central Region, Western Region and Eastern Region).

Our main objective is to increase the quality and efficiency in the processes, through the integration of human resources highly qualified , cutting-edge technology and optimal infrastructure.

SETECSA DE VENEZUELA comprehensively manages the Business Memory of many national and foreign COMPANIES, from the different sectors of the world economy.

Our CLIENTS become strategic partners by integrating ourselves effectively into their operation, increasing the efficiency, productivity and security of the business, aligning the Document Management Processes with business objectives, in order to support the fulfillment of the mission and vision of our CLIENTS.

Over 20 years of experience, over 20 years of excellence.